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Rose Farm Inlays is a Service Company dedicated to high end Custom Hardwood Inlay. We provide a service.  No inlays are pre-made or on hand for sale and every inlay shown on the web site was designed and created for a specific client.  All floor medallions, inlays and marquetry work is done in house. Every medallion is unique and though a style may be similar no two floor medallions are ever exactly alike. All the steps are completed by ONE craftsman, this gives  full control over the look of the inlay. Other companies use the Ford method of production or even purchase their inlays from another manufacturer, which means by design every inlay they sell looks exactly the same. This can easily be seen by searching google.


How can so many inlay web sites sell the exact same inlay? Because they don't make them! That is precisely the opposite of what Rose Farm Inlays is about. Your  hardwood floor inlay is created right here in Woodstock IL, USA. You provide the plans or let us help decide the size, style and woods used for your inlay and THEN the compass rose or floor medallion is made to order. Custom designs are welcome! If the client wishes, progress pictures can be provided throughout the process. Please contact Rose Farm Inlays today for your own one of a kind custom floor medallion or any other hardwood project you might have.


To keep costs down we have gone to an email only system for inital communication. Being a small family business their just isn't money to pay a person to answer phones. The hours on the phone fielding questions took from shop time to where it started effecting lead times. Email communication  benefits potential clients because the emails go directly to the shop and the person making the inlays, no longer will a secretary have to get back to you with answers. Upon purchase all clients will be provided a phone number upon request. We realize some people just want a phone number to call and regret losing their business, but we assure you email is far better to document everything asked and answered.


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