Hardwood Floor Medallions, Inlays & Compass Rose Schug Balance Due

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Schug Balance Due

Schug Balance Due

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Price:  $527.31

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Custom Hardwood Floor Medallion


The following words will be on the inlay as shown on the plan in any configuration in the outer ring. More characters will add to the cost of the inlay:



I attached some initial drawings. The woods locations can be changed or swapped for different species at no cost.

              A Ceto7 60" base price is:       1789.00
                    The NSEW Lettering:        100.00
                           Other lettering:        840.00
       Installation Template/Crate:            0.00
                                 Inlay Total:       2729.00
                                    Shipping:         659.25

                               Grand Total:        3388.25

Shipping will be aproximately 659.25 per a UPS/Fed Ex estimate it can be more or less.. All I ask is you pay whatever the shipping cost is and if the shipping final cost is more than what the 659.25 estimated amount you pay me bac the differecne, if it is less I will refund that portion that very day. I will forward the final invoice for the shipping the day after you receive the inlay, hopefully that price is what they estimate to us, but I have eaten up charges to many times to count without the client paying me the difference. I look to make zero on shipping and just break even.


The installation template is included int the price, it is part of the shipping crate. Please do not destroy or throw away the shipping crate until the inlay is 100% installed and you are happy with the installation.

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