Hardwood Floor Medallions, Inlays & Compass Rose Double square wood floor medallions

Double Square and other geometric inlays are a nice way to have an inlay and not be tied to a nautical theme


All prices shown on the product pages reflect a 10% discount for prepayment. If a client feels more comfortable paying a 500.00 deposit and the balance due at the end of the build process there will be a 10% additional cost added to the second payment. 


Shipping and insurance is an addtional cost, we make zero on this and provide the client a receipt from the shipper. A free installation template/wood crate is included with purchase to offset this. There is no tax unless the client lives in IL.


Please contact us for lead times.


Double Square Inlays always look best when two points are up and two points are down, the proper orientation is shown on this page. Since all our inlays are hand made these double square inlays will vary by a degree or so.  This small hand made imperfection(which by the way make our inlays look better to the eye) normally will only come in to play if the double square designs are installed with one point up and one point down against a horizonal main floor pattern. We consider this an incorrect installation. If a single point up and a single point down are  your intentions with the installation we need know that so we can work with you on making sure your installation is perfect.

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