Hardwood Floor Medallions, Inlays & Compass Rose Hardwood Floor Medallion Marquetry
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Marquetry is the Art of painting pictures with natural wood veneers. At Rose Farm Inlays we use veneer that is much thicker than traditional marquetry. Our Marquetry pieces can be used in floors and have the same wear characterics as our harwood floor inlays. The hardwood "wear layer" for our floor marquetry pieces are from 1/4" to 1/2" thick, which is the same available wear layer in 3/4"  hardwood flooring. Rose Farm Inlay Floor  Marquetry pieces will last 100 years or more right along with your hardwood floors. Of course we can make thinner "traditional" thickness marquetry art work if your prioject requires it.


All prices shown on the product pages reflect a 10% discount for prepayment. If a client feels more comfortable paying a 500.00 deposit and the balance due at the end of the build process there will be a 10% additional cost added to the second payment. 


Shipping and insurance is an addtional cost, we make zero on this and provide the client a receipt from the shipper. A free installation template/wood crate is included with purchase to offset this. There is no tax unless the client lives in IL.


If a completely new design drawn up by us from scratch is wanted we offer a design service for 750.00. You can then choose us to make the inlay for you or shop the design around to other inlay makers. If the inlay is a large size of 60" or greater the 750.00 design fee may be waived after purchase in certain cases. Of course small changes to inlays already on the site, a longer tip here, a small change there are included in the online pricing. And as always changing wood species on existing designs is always free of charge. It is possible simpler designs where the client provides us a drawing can be made for pricing similar to what is on the website without the 750.00 design charge. Please email us your design and we will let you know if we can make your desisgn without a design fee.


Please contact us for lead times.

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This is a sample of a Pegasus or horse style inlay and it's  pricing for a 42" diameter  I..
Shipping 60in Inlay to Ontario ..
The above is a sample, this inlay can be made in any woods you like! ..