Hardwood Floor Medallions, Inlays & Compass Rose Rose Farm Floor Medallions Terms

Please do not purchase unless you email first and verify an agreeable delivery date with us. We are still available by email to current clients and any potential new clients that have questions about floor inlays or want assistance in creating a new design.


 Rose Farm Inlays Return, Exchange and Claim Policies


When communicating with Rose Farm Inlays in regards to ordering, exchanges, returns and claims please include all of the following information: The full name and shipping address of the person who originally ordered the product, contact phone number, online order ID if given, Invoice number if given, all tracking numbers associated with the order, and an accurate description of the damage or missing items. All communication must be in writing through the Rose Farm Inlays website system. Any other form of communication is non-binding. All phone conversations MUST be followed up with a message through the Rose Farm Inlays web site including the aforementioned information.

Rose Farm Inlays uses real woods and there is a procedure for making inlays that insures a very long lifespan for the inlays. At times on the fly decisions  must be made by the inlay maker at the very moment the inlay is being contructed. Rose Farm Inlays reserves the right to change the wood species(and color) or direction of the grain of any wood species on any and all inlay designs if we deem it to be in the best interest for  the longevity of the inlay as a whole. We will always try to color match to the clients wishes as much as natural wood allows us to..  Any changes deemed major in color or design will always be run by the client first if at all possible.



Eligible Items


The following items CANNOT be returned, all sales of these items are final:

- Custom one of a kind "picture" inlays
- Custom Artwork
- All sale and clearance and Quick Ship items

The following items CAN be returned for a full refund NOT including shipping:

- All floor Inlays not excluded above
- Non Custom Artwork


100% refunds: Upon Rose Farm Inlays receiving the art piece back in sound condition if all the conditions of the "terms and conditions" and "returns and exchange policy's" are met a 100% refund less shipping in both directions will be given to the purchasing client only. Refunds can not be given to a spouse, relative or representing company.


Lead Time- Rose Farm Inlays works on an 8 week lead time.  Any estimated verbal time line given to a client during the build process, for example, a few weeks or 3 or 4 weeks is just that, an estimate. Unless a client gets in writing  AN EXACT date from Rose Farm Inlays that they "need" the inlay through email(NOT a PHONE CALL) , the 8 week lead time will be considered an on time delivery. We strive to meet our verbal dates and over 10 years to date have made every clients needs 100% of the time. We will do everything possible to meet a clients needed ship date, but If a client does not give and receive confirmation of a "firm EXACT needed date" within 1 week of purchase written in an email to Rose Farm Inlays 8 weeks is considered an on time completion date.

Incorrect item - Please contact Rose Farm Inlays within 48 hours of receipt of incorrect item and request a replacement or refund. Rose Farm Inlays will verify the claim and provide a prepaid shipping label for the return, photos may be requested to do so. Please do not discard original packaging, it is needed for return shipping and a return will not be accepted unless returned in original packaging.

Exchanges - Rose Farm Inlays will allow item exchange or refund for unused items for a period of thirty days after receipt of materials, customer is responsible for all shipping charges. A written communication is required for the return. Exchanged items will be shipped within a time frame determined by the complexity of the new item wanted by the clients as determined by Rose Farm Inlays. Items, Goods and/or Artwork that has been installed or modified cannot be returned or exchanged.

Unauthorized Returns - Items returned without a written communication through the Rose Farm Inlays web site or refused shipments are considered unauthorized returns irregardless of receivable timeline and are subject to a 20% restocking fee. All shipping and/or freight charges are non-refundable.

Damage (FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS) - Damage claims must be made within 48 hours of receipt of product by the customer. Rose Farm Inlays and/or the chosen shipping company(carrier) will provide you with a damage claim form and will handle the claim process with the chosen shipping company. Upon acceptance of the claim by the shipping company Rose Farm Inlays will, at its discretion, send replacement or refund for the actual damages.

Damage (Truck freight) - Customer or customer's agent must be present at delivery for ALL freight shipping and carefully inspect all packages and items for damage or missing materials. If there is damage or missing items it must be clearly noted by the customer on the original bill of lading and signed by the driver. Immediately contact Rose Farm Inlays and send copies of the bill of lading noting damage and we will handle the claim on your behalf. Upon acceptance of the claim by the carrier Rose Farm Inlays will, at its discretion, send replacement or refund for the actual damages.



If any section on this page is prohibited by law Only the exact section will be Void and all other sections remain in force.

If this page is updated after purchase the buyer will notified by email.



Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

Any purchase from this company through this web site or otherwise is governed and ruled by the following paragraphs as allowed by law and the rules of Illinois.

Any and all items, including tools, art and craft work, custom and ready made pieces that may be sold by Rose Farm Inlays will hereinafter be known as “goods”, "items"  or "products" for the sake of this and all other documents on this web site.

The sale of goods described on the customer’s invoice, Stripe or other Internet payment service receipt and/or email follow up by Rose Farm Inlays  is made on the express condition that Buyer assents to the promises, terms, and conditions set forth below, whether or not they are additional to or different from any terms and conditions proposed by the Buyer. This document is the final word on all transactions and if this document differs from anything written or stated from a Rose Farm Inlays employee whether verbal or in writing this  document is to be the final word, unless SIGNED by an officer of Rose Farm Inlays(refer to #7 below). Anything stated from Rose Farm Inlays if differing from this document is to be considered nothing more than a simple mistake or optional terms that Rose Farm Inlays and its sole proprietor are  not to be bound by or too(refer to #7 below).  Rose Farm Inlays objects to Buyer's additional or different terms.

1. Deliveries: The Goods will be delivered to the clients billing address. Truck freight costs and international shipping costs are not included in pricing provided online at Rose Farm Inlays or through written or verbal quotes, unless expressly stated on said quote or Internet purchase listing. Rose Farm Inlays provides free shipping only on those goods expressly stating free shipping. Rose Farm Inlays DOES NOT offer free shipping for ANY shipments out of the contiguous  USA.  All Freight and/or Return and/or regular(UPS,USPS,Fed Ex,DHL,etc)shipping costs are non-refundable except in the case of total loss. Rose Farm Inlays will make sure all packages are insured.

2. Risk of Loss: After delivery of the Goods to the carrier, and in other circumstances as provided by law, Buyer shall bear all risks of loss, whether or not the products so delivered are conforming or non-conforming, whether or not a right of rejection exists in Buyer's favor, and whether or not Buyer rightfully revokes acceptance. The occurrence of any such risk shall not release Buyer from its obligations hereunder.

3. Warranties and Exclusion of Warranties: THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. THERE IS NO WARRANTY WITH RESPECT TO NON INFRINGEMENT OF THE PATENT RIGHTS OF OTHERS. THERE IS NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR USE. THERE IS NO WARRANTY ON LUMBER PRODUCTS. LUMBER IS A NATURAL MATERIAL AND CAN SHRINK, GAP, CUP, TWIST, GROW  and/or  MOVE, etc. Rose Farm Inlays CAN NOT WARRANTY AGAINST these or any other non-mentioned  normal wood characteristic. Rose Farm Inlays ALSO CAN NOT WARRANTY AGAINST damage made by improper installation, change in ANY and ALL environmental conditions at the site of installation, water damage, scratching, denting, humidity changes, movement of the house, sub floor or normal wear and tear that ANY and ALL hardwood floor products have to endure.

4. Credit: Any credit is subject to final approval by an authorized officer of Rose Farm Inlays at its main office. All credits will be subject to prior satisfaction of any and all past due balances.

5. Payment Terms: Payment is due prior to shipment except for commercial customers with credit accounts, in these cases payments are due in full 15 days from date of invoice.

6. Service Charge: Buyer agrees to pay a service charge of the greater of 2 1/3% per month or such amount as is generally charged by Rose Farm Inlays to its customers. However, Buyer is not obligated in excess of the maximum allowed by applicable law on all unpaid amounts after due date.

7. Modification: No modification of any promise, term or condition of sale shall be of any force or effect unless signed by an officer/worker of Rose Farm Inlays.

9. Buyer's Exclusive Remedies Exclusion of Remedies: Any claim for non receipt of all or part of Buyer's order or any other claim of any kind except breach of warranty shall be limited to the purchase price of the goods affected, as shown on the payment processors invoice. Rose Farm Inlays liability for breach of warranty shall be limited to the furnishing of a like quantity of the same products, or at Rose Farm Inlays option, to the refunding of the purchase price of the defective product minus shipping charges. The foregoing shall constitute the Buyer's exclusive remedies. Rose Farm Inlays IS NOT LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES WHETHER OR NOT ANY OTHER OF BUYER'S REMEDIES FAIL OF THEIR ESSENTIAL PURPOSES. BUYER WAIVES ALL RIGHT OF OFFSET FOR ANY ALLEGED OBLIGATION OF Rose Farm Inlays NOT ARISING FROM THIS DOCUMENT IN THIS TRANSACTION. BUYER WAIVES AND AGREES NOT TO SUE UPON, AND RELEASES Rose Farm Inlays FROM, ANY AND ALL LIABILITIES FOR Rose Farm Inlays BREACH OF CONTRACT AND BREACH OF WARRANTY (EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY SET FORTH HEREIN), NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY IN TORT, AND/OR OTHER TORT. THE WAIVER, AGREEMENT AND RELEASE IN THE FOREGOING SENTENCE IS BINDING UPON BUYER'S SUCCESSORS IN TITLE AND ASSIGNS.

10. Risk of Rose Farm Inlays Nonperformance: The following shall be hereinafter known as "Non liability Events": action by governmental authority, public enemy, insurrection, rebellion, or riot; fire; explosion; flood; severe weather conditions; accidents; sickness of workers or family members; labor trouble or strikes; shortage of inventory, raw material, power or fuel; default or difficulties with Rose Farm Inlays suppliers, difficulties with equipment or transportation; default or difficulties with Rose Farm Inlays freight carriers, or acts of God or any other cause or events beyond Rose Farm Inlays control, ESPECIALLY SEVERE WEATHER CHANGES DURING THE ASSEMBLY STAGE of any and all goods or artwork created and sold by Rose Farm Inlays. In the event of delays in delivery or nondelivery of the Goods which, directly or indirectly, were caused by a Non liability Event or to which a Non liability Event contributed, Rose Farm Inlays shall not be liable for damages, whether direct, incidental or consequential, and:

(a) the time for performance shall, at Rose Farm Inlays option, be extended in whole or in part until the termination of the Non liability Event and for an additional period thereafter reasonably necessary to cure the effects thereof, or

(b) at Rose Farm Inlays option, a part or all of the Goods affected may be eliminated from the contract of sale, without any liability to Rose Farm Inlays and the contract price shall be appropriately reduced. Rose Farm Inlays is not liable monetarily or otherwise for any delays that a clients project may endure due to Rose Farm Inlays inability to meet project deadlines. All inlays can be installed well after the clients project is complete, even after floor finishing. No extra charges if incurred by the client for this shall be incurred by Rose Farm Inlays. "After finishing" installation is a normal business practice and does not diminish the quality of the installation as long as proper installation techniques are used as defined by the national hardwood flooring association. The costs for after finishing installation should be worked out in advance between client and their own installer BEFORE the price of install is determined for the client. Rose Farm Inlays is no way responsible for any charges or damages incurred by the client for/due to installation, before, during or after final floor installation.

11. Taxes and Other Additional Charges: In addition to the price for the Goods, Buyer will pay Rose Farm Inlays the amount of any excise, sales, use, or similar tax relating to the Goods or their sale, and any freight (unless there is an express freight allowance) stop-over charge, lot loading charge, demurrage charges or the like relating to the transportation or storage of the Goods, which Rose Farm Inlays is legally obliged to pay, within ten days after the date of an invoice for the charge. All applicable taxes of any kind including local, county, state country or VAT that the buyers home state, county or country impose are the buyers responsibility.

12. Assignment: The contract for sale of the Goods is not assignable in whole or in part by buyer without the written approval of Rose Farm Inlays, and any attempted assignment shall be void.

13. Inspection: Buyer has no right of inspection; inspection shall not be a condition to Buyer's duty to pay or to any other duty.

14. No Sales "on Approval" or "Sale or Return":  No sale is made on approval or under a sale or return. Rose Farm Inlays may, however, at its option, allow a return. Any such return shall be at Buyer's sole risk and expense; return shall be effected only upon actual delivery to Rose Farm Inlays or as otherwise instructed by it in writing. No credit, whether by refund on monies paid or by allowance against monies due, shall be given until such actual receipt by Rose Farm Inlays of return products in the same condition as they were when delivered to the carrier by Rose Farm Inlays for original shipment to Buyer. If returned within 30 days in the aforementioned condition Rose Farm Inlays WILL RETURN 100% OF THE PURCHASE PRICE, less ALL shipping costs(including taxes incurred for international shipping). Credits are subject to the prior satisfaction of any and all past due monies owed to Rose Farm Inlays.

15. Unauthorized Returns: Product returns made without the express written consent(through email or other mail service) of Rose Farm Inlays including refused shipments without the prior consent of Rose Farm Inlays constitute unauthorized returns. Buyer accepts responsibility for the outbound and return freight charges and a 20% restocking fee. Services performed including milling, pulling to specification, packaging, and crating are non-refundable. All sales of custom items, including custom floor inlays and/or medallions, flooring, mill work, stair components, templates, patterns and S4S lumber are final. If returned within 30 days with the aforementioned AUTHORIZED return requirements i.e., contacting Rose Farm Inlays through email or other mail service, Rose Farm Inlays WILL RETURN 100% OF THE PURCHASE PRICE, less ALL shipping costs(including taxes incurred for international shipping).

16. Governing Law: The contract for sale of the Goods and/or services shall be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois. By purchasing from this web site or otherwise the buyer agrees to abide by ALL the rules and regulations regarding contracts, agreements, rules and all other legal issues of the state of Illinois. And that all complaints lawsuits or actions brought by the client are according to the rules of Illinois. And that all actions brought about for any purpose by the client to be remedied ONLY in the courts of Illinois. Illinois is the place of sale and the place the service is being performed and any and all buyers agree that any web site purchase is no different then purchasing the item and/or service in Illinois in regards to any disputes or legal issues. When purchasing from this site you are agreeing that any lawsuits against Rose Farm Inlays or its sole proprietor have to be settled in McHenry County Illinois court system and all rules regarding transactions of services and sales are to be defined by Illinois state rules and this document as if the web client purchased here in Illinois.  If the buyer does not agree to this do not buy from Rose Farm Inlays or its sole proprietor. Shipping to a destination outside of Illinois is strictly a convenience Rose Farm Inlays offers to facilitate a sale of service or item made in Illinois, once the carrier takes possession the inlay belongs to the client and is NOT the responsibility of Rose Farm Inlays.

17. Rose Farm Inlays Non-Exclusive Remedies: Upon any breach by Buyer of any promise, term, and/or condition contained herein, including, but not limited to, the nonpayment by Buyer of any amount due hereunder, or if Rose Farm Inlays deems itself insecure, Rose Farm Inlays may, at its option, and without prejudice to or limitation of any other legal remedy hereunder, by law, or otherwise, resort to one or more of the following remedies:

(a) Suspend further deliveries, even though partial payment for undelivered Goods has been received.

(b) Demand adequate assurance of due performance, including, but not limited to, the delivery to Rose Farm Inlays of a third-party bond satisfactory to Rose Farm Inlays.

(c) Identify to the contract finished or unfinished Goods at Buyer's sole risk of loss, which will then immediately pass to the Buyer. (d) Declare the unpaid balance of the contract immediately due and payable.

(e) Collect from Buyer all costs of collection, including, but not limited to reasonable attorney's fees, incurred in enforcing any right or remedy hereunder or in law, pertaining in whole or in part to the Goods.

(f) Repossess and/or reclaim the Goods or any part thereof. Buyer hereby agrees, upon demand, to assemble the Goods or any part thereof to Rose Farm Inlays at Buyer's expense, all in accordance with Rose Farm Inlays Medallions instructions. Buyer hereby grants Rose Farm Inlays a security interest in the Goods and any and all proceeds thereof and accessions thereto to secure all of Buyer's obligations hereunder under this or any other agreement. Buyer hereby irrevocably appoints Rose Farm Inlays as the Buyer's lawful attorney-in-fact to execute and file all documents necessary or desirable to effectuate the purpose of this paragraph, including but not limited to, appropriate financing statements. A photostatic copy of this document may be filed as a financing statement.

18. Integration Clause: This document constitutes the entire agreement of the parties as to the subject matter hereof.

19. Lumber Grades: Lumber grades shall be determined by the rules of applicable trade associations (NHLA) or, in the absence of such rules, on procedures which are customary in the industry and on other trade customs. Rose Farm Inlays purchases all lumber graded from it’s suppliers and can only use  the information provided by it’s suppliers that the grade of the lumber is true and correct. Rose Farm Inlays uses its experience to affirm the grade of lumber and will to the best of their ability not use suspect lumber. Any cupping, twisting gapping and/or movement of any wood is a normal natural occurrence and is in no way a defect. This can happen even when the best grade lumber is being used.

20. Installation Instructions: Rose Farm Inlays or its sole proprietor can not be responsible for any damage incurred to property or anyones person including injury or death from following the instructions on this web site. They are only opinions and unless someone from Rose Farm Inlays is standing right next to the person following the instructions Rose Farm Inlays can not determine if the instructions are being followed correctly. These instructions are  posted as help and only that. It is not definitive. Read the owners manuals of your tools carefully and follow those instructions if they differ from any information in this web site.

If any section on this page is prohibited by law Only the exact section will be Void and all other sections remain in force.

If this page is updated after purchase the buyer will notified by email.