Hardwood Floor Medallions, Inlays & Compass Rose About Rose Farm Floor Medallions

Rose Farm Inlays designs and creates hand made wood art specializing in custom made hardwood floor medallions and marquetry. We are a small family owned business located in Historic Woodstock IL and have been in the woodworking business since 1997, specializing in marquetry and Inlays since 2005.

Every inlay made by us is one of a kind. Each inlay is hand made in house by a single craftsman, right here in the USA. Every hardwood floor medallion is unique and though a style may be made many times over no two floor inlays are ever exactly alike. All the steps are completed by ONE craftsman, this gives us full control over the look of the inlay. Other companies use the Ford method of production which means by design every inlay they sell look identical. That is exactly the opposite of what Rose Farm Inlays is about.