Hardwood Floor Medallions, Inlays & Compass Rose How to use the Rose Farm Inlays Medallion Customizer

The designer no longer works with the newer  browsers and many of the woods in the designer are no longer avaible. The program is being retired.

The Rose Farm Inlay customizer allows the client to choose the wood placement for each shape of most floor medallion or compass rose designs on tthe web site.  The inlay customizer works directly on most inlay product pages. Please watch the video below on how to use the inlay customizer before trying it out.  Find a medallion to customize on the website and click the "Customize Your Inlay" button found in the center of the individuall inlay pages pages just under the options drop down menu, refer to the video below. The inlayer is a work in progress and right now there is no way to save the choices so please do a screen save to save the design unitl we get this fix in the software. If you would like we can design the inlay and email it to you.