Hardwood Floor Medallions, Inlays & Compass Rose Flickr Medallion Inlay Gallery

There are several ways to view  the various inlay styles shown on the web site.

This gallery contains pictures of a higher quality and larger size then the product pictures throughout the web site that can be found by perusing the category menus and product page links above. For copies of these same pictures at the very highest quality we have to offer and/or for those that are not getting a good enough speed response please click the Hi Resolution title link above. This will bring you directly to our Flickr page.


To view the inlays in a more interactive way you can use the Interactive Gallery. The interactive page may not be ideal for smartphones and for some slower Internet connections so if the interactive page lags please use this gallery or the Flickr galley. Once you know the style you like you can find out pricing and the woods used in the photos  by using  the catalog menu above. Simply click the category ,then click on the inlay you like. You can then use the prev/next buttons to advance your way through the category.


If you can't see inlays on this web page please go the the browser address bar and click on the shield symbol normally next to the lock symbol to the left of the address bar(in Firefox). Then click the tab and choose "disable protection on this page". After that you must refresh the browser either by clciking the little circle arrow on the url line or by using (alt F5) at the same time. This is a bug in the newer Firefox versions they are working on. If you are uncomfortable doing this just click the heading Hi-resolution gallery to go directly to flickr, the same pics are there.

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